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Video Vault - A DBS Success Story!

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

We are resurfacing this video because it is just too good not to share again and again!

Rusty and Carol Stewart take us on Carol's journey with the neurologists at UAB through Deep Brain Stimulation surgery. Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is an elective surgical procedure in which electrodes are implanted into certain brain areas. These electrodes, or leads, generate electrical impulses that control abnormal brain activity.

Many people are very nervous about the procedure (including Carol) because the surgery generally happens while the patient is awake. Additionally, there is also the need to adjust or program the stimulation during and post-surgery to better capture symptoms.

According to the National Library of Medicine's Center for Biotechnology information, 92.5% were happy with the results they got from DBS, 95% would recommend DBS to others, and 75% felt it provided symptom control.

Dr. Harrison Walker of UAB explains the process in this video with Carol. The short video also explains why Carol decided to get DBS, and follows up with her progress six months after the procedure. Carol states, "I never recall experiencing any pain during the procedure; the doctors and team at UAB made sure that I was in no discomfort. For me, it has been a humbling and wonderful experience."

If you are interested in DBS and would like to learn more, consult with your Neurologist or Movement Disorder Specialist to see if you are a candidate for this potential procedure.


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