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The PAA is pleased to provide personalized Care Navigation sessions to those diagnosed with Parkinson's in Alabama and their care partners. Have you been recently diagnosed? Do you find yourself with questions as you are building out your long-term care plan? By diving deeply into your unique journey, we can help you craft a packet of resources tailored to meet your needs.

What does a Care Navigation Session Look Like?

We will schedule a zoom meeting (preferred) or a phone call with you between the hours of 9am and 2pm, Monday through Thursday. We strongly encourage your care partners to attend if available. We will commit up to 90 minutes for the session. From there, we will walk through an assessment that will allow you to:

  • Ask any questions you may have about Parkinson's

  • Consider what boxes to check when it comes to future planning and building long-term care plans

  • Talk about preparations for home and hospital safety

  • Provide tips for staying organized

  • Plug you into your local programs and resources based on your interests

Through this assessment, we will cultivate resources specifically tailored to your needs and present them back to you with a newly diagnosed kit or recommended wellness plan with opportunities to connect to your local resources that can be delivered digitally through email or mailed if preferred.

How do you schedule a Care Navigation Session with the PAA?

Complete the form below, and our Care Navigator will schedule an opening convenient to you. From there, you will receive a calendar invitation via email or confirmation over the phone for your scheduled Care Navigation session.

Request Your Care Navigation Session

Thank you - please expect a response with 24-28 hours of submission on a business day to schedule your session.

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