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Social Media can be an excellent opportunity to stay connected and engage with others on the Parkinson's journey. The key to a successful and healthy social media engagement is to choose the groups and pages that most interest you, and most align with your style for how you like to receive information.

The Parkinson Association of Alabama has an official Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter account. Each of these pages will provide updates and information on the latest events and happenings as related to the Parkinson Association of Alabama (PAA).  We will promote events and ways in which you can become more involved with your local Parkinson Association group. Education will also be shared from our series of blogs. To subscribe or follow these pages, please go to the below links:





In addition to these pages, the Parkinson Association of Alabama also hosts three active Facebook Groups. The purpose of these groups are to share educational resources, and connect those living with Parkinson's or Care Partners of those living with Parkinson's throughout Alabama.

PAA Living with Parkinson's in Alabama: Request to join this new group which is designated for anyone living with Parkinson's in Alabama. The PAA will post educational articles and help others connect in this optimistic group meant to provide and share practical tips and resources for those living with PD in Alabama. This group is moderated by a PAA Care Navigator and will ensure posts remain optimistic and helpful to those living with PD in Alabama. We encourage questions and tips to be shared amongst the group members.

PAA Parkinson's Care Partners: If you are a care partner (spouse, adult child, or sibling) and wish to get more information on how to support your loved one with PD, join this group. This group is meant to connect other care partners on the journey in Alabama to share resources and provide a positive and encouraging environment for others on this journey.

Alabama Parkinson's Support Facebook Group:

This group is managed by Katie Fordham from Anniston, Alabama. Katie lives with Parkinson's and is on a mission to keep everyone in the know about all relevant Parkinson's information and initiatives.

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