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UAB Benevolent Fund Donates to PAA

The UAB Benevolent Fund is an employee charitable giving effort allowing UAB employees the opportunity to support local nonprofits. Throughout the UAB academic and administrative areas, including UAB Hospitals, UAB Health System, Health Services Foundation, Callahan Eye Hospital and Viva Health, UAB employees are given the opportunity to designate funds to the Benevolent Fund each year for the charity of their choice.

As a result, UAB employees have acknowledged the critical work being done at the Parkinson Association of Alabama by electing to contribute more than $2,500 in 2022 to the PAA.

"We are so grateful that our mission to improve the quality of lives for people with Parkinson's is recognized and acknowledged by our local community, as well as chosen as a local non-profit to support by UAB employees," said Executive Director and CEO, Bibby Bailey.

By receiving funds such as this from UAB's employees, the PAA can contribute its work to support those impacted by Parkinson's throughout Alabama by offering resources and connection to a community that understands the Parkinson's journey -- providing encouragement and hope to live a quality life with Parkinson's.

These funds will be allocated directly to the PAA's Care Navigation Program. By providing those newly diagnosed with the resources they need online, and through a personalized care navigation session, the PAA can tailor a proposed wellness plan and connect people to the resources they need sooner, which can make a true impact on the quality of life while living with Parkinson's -- not only for the person diagnosed, but their family and care partners as well.


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