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Two New Parkinson's Resources Launched at Lakeshore Foundation

The Lakeshore Foundation has launched two new programs that can positively serve those with Parkinson's in the State of Alabama: a Movement to Music Study, and a new online membership option.

Movement to Music The Movement to Music Study (M2M) is a rhythmic-based exercise program delivered through a web-based platform in which you can actively engage in the comfort of your own home. The program will begin in August. Individuals who will be a good fit for the M2M study should be between the ages of 18-70 and diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. The only qualifications for participants to join the study is that they must have limited mobility in one side and currently use a power or manual wheelchair for mobility. Testing and classes are all done remotely. Individuals can join this study from anywhere in Alabama, and across the U.S.

To get more information about the study, individuals can to to the website, to complete a prescreen form. You can also call Lori Theriot at Lakeshore for more information at 1.205.313.7455.

Virtual Membership Program

The Lakeshore Foundation is an adapted fitness center for individuals with physical disability or chronic health conditions. In addition to their in-person membership program, they have not launched a virtual membership program. Scholarships based on income are also available for both.

You can reach a membership specialist who can answer questions about both programs at 1.205.313.7400. Applications are available online at the Lakeshore Website:


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