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Rock Steady Boxing Training Coming to Alabama

Alabama has many Rock Steady Boxing opportunities, but we NEED MORE! August 25th and 26th, the Rock Steady Team will be coming to Huntsville, Alabama to offer in-person training. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in getting their affiliate or coaching certification to reduce costs generally needed to travel to Indiana to receive certification.

Rock Steady Boxing is a program, not a place. The goal is to educate as many people as possible about the benefits of intense exercise, and to establish safe and welcoming programs in every community for people with Parkinson’s to fight back.

During the Affiliate Training Camp, you will learn boxing skills and techniques and the specific ways that intense exercise impacts Parkinson’s. This training is intended for personal trainers, physical therapists, rehab facilities, boxing coaches, and other certified fitness and medical professionals who want to learn how to begin Rock Steady Boxing classes in their own community and join the affiliate family.

The Training Camp provides an overview of Parkinson’s disease, beginning boxing techniques and adaptations of the fitness program designed to combat 23 common symptoms of PD. The course includes both an online 15 Round Training, as well as a two-day interactive skills lab.

The Affiliate Training Camp is designed to prepare the learner to operate a new Rock Steady Boxing location. This camp focuses on business logistics of running a RSB location. The camp is completed in an online format. To become an affiliate, at least one person must first complete Coach Training Camp. Prior to establishing an affiliate locate, there is an application and approve/deny process to be completed by Rock Steady staff. There is also an $800 annual affiliate fee per location, not including training camp fees. To learn more about Head Coach Training Camp, Coach Training Camp, Assistant Coach Training Camp, Volunteer Training Camp, go to:

Clinician Training Camp is for medical providers (mainly therapy and rehabilitation professionals) to learn to deliver the RSP method 1:1 in a clinical setting. Ideally, and RSB Clinician should work in collaboration with their local RSB gym to deliver the best care using the RSB Method. This course is delivered in a combined online and in-person format. Pre-requisites include a current license in medical or rehabilitation profession. Online Training for eight hours, and an 8hr in-person skills lab. It costs $899 for a three-year certification, recertification by course, and exam after three years.

To learn how to enroll in upcoming training, contact Rock Steady Boxing at or 1.317.288.7035.


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