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Parkinson’s Awareness Song is Now Available!

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

The song is finally available now!

A million thanks, Rob


Parkinson Association of Alabama Team, my name is Rob Georg, Nashville produced Country Singer/Songwriter. My new song “Climb This Mountain” describes my father’s battle against Parkinson’s and turned out to be a Parkinson’s Awareness Song. It will be released March 18th on all major music platforms! I would be more than happy if you’d help spreading the word about the song!

We're in the final phase of the editing the official music video for the song at the moment and will name all the Parkinson's Associations and Charitable Organizations inc. logo that will support the release in the Outro. For free. Sounds interesting? I can send you the VIP Link to the song, you’d be able to listen to it before it’s officially dropping, so you’d have time to think about if you want to help me spreading the word about it on release day! Just let me know! Have a blessed day!

Rob Georg Web:

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