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PAA'S Executive Director Completes Nonprofit Signature Leadership Program

Bibby Bailey and other statewide nonprofit leaders were selected to attend the newly piloted Alabama Association of Nonprofits’ signature leadership program Nonprofit Executive Leadership Institute (NELI). The 10-month program was redesigned with improved leadership and management tools to equip a diverse cohort of nonprofit leaders to take their organizations to the next level. NELI participants gained knowledge from nationally and locally recognized subject matter experts and their peers.

"I am honored to have represented the Parkinson Association of Alabama in the NELI program. As a nonprofit leader, I am appreciative of the world-class professional development experience offered by the Alabama Association of Nonprofits," Bibby shares about the program.

A primary focus of NELI is to equip diverse participants to serve their stakeholders equitably. Each month as they learned from keynote speakers and professionals, the executives gathered to discuss the day's topic over lunch. The cohort was divided into small groups to aid collaboration on homework and as an accountability group after the program officially ends.


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