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PAA Puts the A in GAME for Parkinson's Awareness in April

Congratulations to the Marketing Committee, chaired by Teri Henley, for bringing their A GAME when it came to bringing awareness to Parkinson’s during the month of April. From TV and radio spots to ads and press releases placed throughout Alabama newspapers and magazines, members of the committee worked hard to secure as much FREE press coverage as possible for the PAA and Parkinson’s Awareness Month.

You can find the clips to all TV media segments at

Michael S. Fitts was featured on Fox 6 News’ Good Day Alabama on Tuesday, April 18th and then immediately went over to WDJC 93.7 where he was interviewed about Parkinson’s. He also was a guest on the Binnie Myles show on WAGG AM Radio, Saturday, April 15th. Clarence Pouncey was also featured on WDJC 93.7 on April 19th. Teri Henley was on ABC 33 40’s Talk of Alabama on Wednesday, April 19th and Brooklyn White was featured on the Fox 6 Noon News with Sheldon Haygood on Friday, April 21st. The TV coverage was rounded out by PAA President, Brian Corbett, featured on CBS 42 News at Noon on Thursday, April 27th.

In addition to the TV and radio spots, the PAA placed a monthly series of ads throughout more than 125 state-wide newspapers. Additionally, a social media campaign series was placed weekly on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

“We are very grateful for the media coverage we were able to secure throughout the month of April,” stated Brooklyn White, Director of Programs and Marketing for the PAA. “Our goal was to bring awareness to Parkinson’s, as well as the Parkinson Association of Alabama and the many resources we can provide to help those with Parkinson’s and their families live a quality life. I think we accomplished that.”

The PAA would like to thank Teri Henley, Michael S. Fitts, Clarence Pouncey, and Brian Corbett for their willingness to participate in these media interviews. Additionally, we would like to thank Liesa Pitts for working so hard to secure these media opportunities.

As many of us know, Parkinson’s is more than just a month – we live it year-round. But by leveraging this opportunity with press, we can drive more awareness about Parkinson’s and the PAA through FREE media opportunities.


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