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PAA Contributes to UAB Arts in Medicine for 2023 Semester

The Parkinson Association of Alabama (PAA) has made its second annual donation to UAB Arts in Medicine to support the 2023 summer semester for Dance for PD. The donation is in the amount of $4,500. Last year, over 100 individuals were able to participate in the program because of PAA's generosity.

The goal at Dance for PD is to create and inspire programming for the community and beyond. ArtPlay Community Art Education, UAB Arts in Medicine (AIM), Alys Stephens Center (ASC) and the Abroms-Engle Institute for the Visual Arts (AEIVA) each fill a niche that allows the Parkinson community's love of the arts to thrive. PAA's contribution to the program helps the community to learn, laugh, and growl.

Together, PAA shares the passion of program leaders for the impact the arts can have on the quality of life of our PD community. "Our donation wouldn't be possible without the generous support of our members and contributions from donors," said Bibby Bailey, Executive Director and CEO of the PAA.

Dance classes for people affected by Parkinson's disease have resumed this fall presented by the University of Alabama at Birmingham's Institute for Arts in Medicine in partnership with Southern Danceworks.

In these sessions, participants explore elements of dance in a non-pressured, enjoyable, energizing social environment. Instructors from Southern Danceworks address participant's coordination, strength, and balance. Care partners are welcome, and all participants are encouraged to wear tennis shoes or socks.

Classes began on October 4th for the 2022 Fall Semester on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 a.m. and will go until November 11th. All classes will take place at the Dance Foundation, 1715 17th Court South, Homewood, AL 35209. Classes are $5 each or $50 for the entire semester. The fee includes participants and their care partners. Payments can be paid via card, cash, or check at the beginning of the classes.

"We believe that this program is an excellent way to move and stay socially connected," says Bailey. "By making this annual contribution, we can keep classes affordable for all participants, as well as provide aid to those who need the extra support. Every little bit helps especially in this economy, and we value the program's inspiration and dedication to our Parkinson's community."

Stay tuned for dates regarding the spring semester. Please feel free to email Teri Weksler with any questions at


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