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New UAB Study Available - Investigating the Heart-Brain Connection

The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) is seeking adult participants aged 60 and older to participate in a research study investigating relationships between cognition, fitness, and neuroinflammation. It requires a time commitment of approximately two weeks.

Adults aged 60 and older with NO diagnosis of significant neurological disease who can have an MRI and are on stable medications for at least four (4) weeks can participate. The study visits will include a screening visit, cognitive testing, a fitness test, a sleep study, and a brain MRI. This is a great study for care partners and loved ones of Parkinson's to contribute to a control study that will help us learn more about potential cognitive treatment options.

This study is being sponsored by the UAB Center for Exercise Medicine, UAB Hypertension Research Center, and UAB McKnight Brain Institute and Research Foundation. It is a voluntary study to determine the relationships between thinking/memory and brain function, heart rate changes, fitness, and sleep. It requires a commitment of approximately two weeks completing a minimum of five visits, one of which includes an overnight sleep study.

The study will include several visits where UAB will perform a physical exam, neurological exam, review of your medical history, overnight oxygen monitoring at the home via a finger sensor, a MRI scan of your head, memory/thinking questionnaires, a fitness test, and an overnight sleep study at UAB.

Investigators hope that this study will provide information that will lead to improved cognition in older adults. To learn more about the study and access the Consent Form, Click Below:

For more information, please contact Dr. Amy Amara, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Neurology's staff, at:

Jennifer Pilkington 205.934.8352


Corina Catiul 205.975.9556


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