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Individuals with Parkinson Disease Needed for Local Research Study

UAB and Lakeshore Research are Collaborating on a new diet study for Parkinson's. They are seeking individuals with Parkinson Disease for this study.

To qualify for participation, those diagnosed with Parkinson's should be at least 45 years old and taking medication with levodopa (e.g., Sinemet, Rytary, Duopa). This study is a 5 week trial that tests two (2) diets on strength, sleep, and Parkinson's related symptoms. It requires four (4) in-person study visits and payment is provided for participation.

This study will be open until July, 2023.

If you are interested, please contact Christina Ferguson, PhD, RD, LD via email at or by calling, 1.205.934.1167.

Study Title: Optimizing protein patterns for skeletal muscle preservation and sleep in the medical management of Parkinson's disease. IRB-300009538.


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