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Important Resources for the PD Care Partner

At the Parkinson Association of Alabama (PAA), we care about the care partner. We understand that by supporting the care partner on the journey, we are also supporting the journey of your loved one living with Parkinson’s. Afterall, when a loved one is diagnosed with Parkinson’s, truly the entire family is diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

The Parkinson Association of Alabama (PAA) offers many opportunities for care partners support loved ones with Parkinson’s and their families to learn as much about Parkinson’s as possible. We believe education empowers you to discern your best treatment and wellness plan together with your loved one. Much of that education cannot be covered in one doctor’s appointment a year with your specialist. To be able to advocate for your loved one’s care, we encourage you to explore these FREE resources and connect with fellow Care Partners..

PARKINSON’S DISEASE RESOURCE CENTER In March of 2023, the PAA launched its online Parkinson’s Disease Resource Center at This website provides a wealth of information to learn more about Parkinson’s, understand the best treatment and therapy options, and address common topics and questions related to Parkinson’s. Also, there is a special section dedicated to Care Partners that provides additional education resources for how to support your loved one through disease progression.

CARE NAVIGATION SESSIONS For those newly diagnosed, or that need a more guided approach to resources that will matter most to your loved one, the PAA offers Care Navigation sessions. These confidential, one-hour sessions allow you and your loved one and any other family members to speak with our Care Navigator who will work to understand your specific journey and provide tailored resources to meet your needs. Sessions are also available to caregivers trying to navigate the journey for their loved ones. To book your care navigation session, email Brooklyn White at, or call 1.833.473.5465, ext. 2.

WEBINARS Launching in June, the PAA has partnered with UAB Movement Disorder Specialist to offer a quarterly, livestream webinar series via zoom. The first session will kick off on Tuesday, June 6th with Dr. David Standaert, Chair of UAB’s Neurology Department and Movement Disorders Clinic providing an update on research and current clinical trial offerings at UAB. Participants are encouraged to attend the live session to participate in the Q&A, but a recording of the seminar will be available on the website to watch at your convenience. You can learn more about the webinars and register at

SUPPORT GROUPS There are more than 22 support groups that meet throughout Alabama. Connecting with your local community of Parkinson’s patients can bring encouragement, hope, and camaraderie. Alabama Parkinson’s Support Group Facilitators work hard to bring excellent education and programming initiatives. Most support groups encourage care partners to attend with their loved. Some even have specific care partner meetings. Find your local support group at:

If you don’t have a local support group, or the group that meets local to you is inconvenient, there are other opportunities to connect with fellow caregivers in Alabama on a Parkinson’s journey. We have a lovely group that meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm over zoom. We discuss topics, share resources and have developed wonderful friendships throughout this journey. You can join us on zoom at:


In addition to support groups, there are more than 20 movement groups throughout Alabama. Movement Groups are designed as Parkinson’s specific exercise programs and classes such as Rock Steady Boxing, PD Fight Club, Dance for PD, and Total Parkinson’s. Many of these classes also encourage care partner participation, or need volunteers to help support the class. To see a listing of movement classes closest to you, go to:

FACEBOOK GROUP The PAA has recently launched a group on Facebook specifically for Parkinson’s Care Partners in Alabama. Each week, we post an educational article to help with your overall journey for caring for your loved one with Parkinson’s. It also gives you an opportunity to reach out and connect with other group members – ask questions and share resources. You can request to join this group by going to this link through your Facebook ap:

If you ever have questions about any of the programs specific to caring for a loved one with Parkinson’s, please contact our Director of Marketing and Programs, Brooklyn White at


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