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Executive Board

Board of Directors

Additional Directors

Young Professionals

Katie Payne, President

Ruth Bean

Rebecca Chambliss

Meghan Cox

Jessica Finch

Leigh Anne Fleming

Kat Gannon

Carrie Kreps

Andrew Mills

Mary Louis Quinn

Julia Williams



Katie Payne

PAA’s mission is important to me because of our dedication to innovative research with our partners like UAB. 

Leigh Ann Fleming

I watched how Parkinson’s and its progression affected not only my dad, as the patient, but also my mom, as his primary caregiver.

Alice Major

My husband was diagnosed with PD in 1994 and struggled with PD for 24 years. 

Dr. John Riser, MD

I have treated  patients with PD for 30+ years and have a therapy program for PD patients within our neurological practice.

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