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Resources + Support

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Provider's Directory

There are many specialists statewide, and it is important to find one that is the perfect fit for you, your family member or your patient. 

We're here to help.

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Support Group Directory

Parkinson’s disease is a journey. No single approach works for everyone, but finding a support system is a great place to start. 

Click below to explore the 25 support groups across Alabama!

Movement Classes

Movement is a part of our daily lives, from stepping out of bed in the morning to taking a walk around our neighborhoods. Nobody deserves to lose the freedom of movement.

We’re here to help you stay active.

Fight Parkinson's Disease License Plate

With your purchase of the Fighting Parkinson’s Disease plate, you can directly support clinical research and make history as one of the first people in Alabama to proudly display your commitment to the cure.

Drive up awareness for PD wherever you go!

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