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Jami "Shugah" Davis

Shakin' and Bakin'

Jami was diagnosed in 2016 with Early Onset Parkinson's Disease at the age of 39.

A PD diagnosis could have been a recipe for disaster for Jami's baking passion.

He did not let that happen.

He persevered through the tremors in his hands and legs while striving to become a more accomplished baker.

Now. he shares his journey with others on YouTube.



People come to Jami's channel to be inspired by both his baking and tenacity.

Jami says,

"The goal of this channel is to share my journey and my absolute love for baking.

If by chance I can help someone see that you do not have to stop doing what you love because something in your life is making it more difficult, then that would be an extra cherry on top."

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