Team Fox Members: Renew Your Membership for 2016!

By Liz Diemer

2015 has been an incredible year for the Team Fox community. In addition to seeing our largest active membership to date, we’re thrilled to be heading into the final months of the year on track to surpass a record-breaking $10 million milestone for the year — 100 percent of which will go directly to the Foundation’s research programs.

Inspired by this year, many of our members are finding creative ways to continue fundraising through the holiday season, while others have already set their sights on 2016. Together, our Team Fox members continue to drive toward the collective impact their efforts will have in helping to speed a cure for Parkinson’s.

Are you ready to join us for an even bigger and better year ahead? Join today as we kickstart another successful year of fundraising!

If you’re new to Team Fox, you can skip the below and simply register today!

If you’re a returning member, welcome back! The steps below will walk you through the process of renewing your membership and registering your 2016 Participant Center.**

Let’s get started:

1. Register for a 2016 Participant Center. If you have a personal page, simply register here for your 2016 Participant Center using your current login credentials. If you are a returning team member, your team captain will re-register your team and then send you the link to which you can re-register your personal page.

2. Add your 2016 event to the Team Fox Event Calendar. Don’t know what your event date or plans are yet? Don’t worry, you can add this information at any point throughout the year! Also, if you already added a 2016 event to your old page, it should automatically appear in your 2016 Participant Center.

3. Update your customized URL and personal page. If you wish to apply the same customized URL from your 2015 page, make sure to save and then delete the URL from your old page before applying to your 2016 page.

Have questions or need assistance? Please refer to this helpful Q&A or email us at

**If you are a Team Fox Athlete and have already registered for your 2016 event, you do not need to re-register your membership or create a new personalized fundraising page. Similarly, if you plan to re-register for an upcoming 2016 sponsored race (i.e. Chicago Marathon, NYC Marathon, etc.) you will first need to go through the application process and will register with that specific event later this year.

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