Hello, our names are Thomas and John Bugg, and we are the grandsons of Jack Noble or “Papa Jack.” Five years ago our grandfather was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. At the time, we did not completely understand the disease or the effects that they would have on our grandfather’s life. While medications have seemed to have helped, they do not cure the disease. In the midst of a progressive disease such as this one, each day seems to become more difficult than the previous one. However, once we heard about Rock Steady Boxing in Birmingham and its amazing results, we had to check it out. Over the past several months, we have volunteered at Rock Steady and have witnessed the impact this program has on people suffering from Parkinson’s. We have watched people transition from being completely dependent on their wheelchair to walking independently. Exercise, and more specifically boxing, functions as a mental and physical workout for all parts of the body attacked by this disease. Research has proven that this non-contact boxing program vastly improves mobility and balance which in turn decreases the risks of falls and other
complications Parkinson’s may bring.

While most focus is placed on those with Parkinson’s, the role of the spouse or loved ones, like my grandmother, who care for their needs often goes unnoticed. As people go through the Rock Steady Program, daily functions become much easier for those suffering from the disease. As a result, Rock Steady becomes beneficial not only for the patient but also the caregiver.

While Rock Steady Boxing in Birmingham has been incredible, our grandfather lives in Montgomery where this program does not exist. Our first goal for this fundraiser campaign is to raise enough money to create Rock Steady Boxing in Montgomery. We want both our grandfather and the people of Montgomery to have every possible opportunity to fight this disease and bring hope to their future. In addition, Rock Steady Boxing in Birmingham has achieved so much success that they are beginning to run out of room
and are faced with having to turn away newly diagnosed patients due to lack of space. Our second goal is to support the growth of Rock Steady Boxing in Birmingham and their future expansion efforts. We would like for you to partner with us in making Rock Steady Boxing strong and Punch Out Parkinson’s disease!

  • To make a secure online donation, use the form below.
  • Check donations should be made payable to Parkinson’s Association of
    Alabama and mailed to PO Box 590146 Birmingham, AL 35259
  • All proceeds will go through The Parkinson’s Association of Alabama
    and will be divided equally between each program
  • All donations are tax deductible
  • (Montgomery) Proceeds will be used towards needed equipment, class/assessment fees, boxing gloves/bag, instructor training in Indianapolis, IN
  • (Birmingham) Proceeds will be used towards facility expansion to ensure all interested patients and caregivers have access to this amazing program.