Podcast: Parkinson’s Research Roundup – 2015 Year in Review

By Allyse Falce

2015 saw many advances in our understanding and treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

MJFF Senior Vice President of Research Programs Mark Frasier, PhD, spoke to MJFF Contributing Editor Dave Iverson about this year’s Parkinson’s disease research highlights.

“The pipeline for new treatments under development for Parkinson’s is the most robust I’ve ever seen,” said Frasier. “And I would predict that 2015 is just a step in the increased trajectory of our understanding of Parkinson’s disease and new treatments to be developed for Parkinson’s disease.”

Many therapies in development seek to improve patients’ lives, targeting both motor and non-motor symptoms.

“I think the awareness of the impact of these non-motor symptoms is higher than it’s ever been. Patients and neurologists have always been aware of these symptoms but from a research perspective I don’t think it was appreciated, particularly from those who were developing new treatments, that these are significant issues in Parkinson’s,” said Frasier.

Join us at our next Third Thursdays Webinar on December 17 to learn more about research developments from 2015.

Source:: Fox Feed Blog

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