Podcast: Keeping Step with Parkinson’s: Balance, Posture and Gait

By Allyse Falce

Balance, posture and gait issues are some of the most troublesome and difficult to treat Parkinson’s symptoms. While tremor and muscle rigidity can be treated with dopamine replacement therapy, these medications are less useful when it comes to how you walk and maintain your balance.

Dr. Chris Hass of the University of Florida says patients can better control their balance, posture and gait symptoms through motor therapies, exercise and physical therapy.

“It concerns me that in many cases we wait to treat gait and balance until the patient has fallen versus seeing a physical therapist well in advance of falling,” says Dr. Hass, “so it’s important to almost ‘pre-hab’ the system. “

Join us in our next Third Thursdays webinar to hear more about balance, posture and gait in Parkinson’s disease.

Source:: Fox Feed Blog

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