Save the Date! Countrified Rock for Research 2015

The 2015 Countrified Rock for Research event is set for September 24 at The Metropolitan Club. Hosted by Team Cantore, this annual celebration of great people, food, and music features a live performance by Jeffrey Steel with all proceeds benefitting research towards a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Save the date for this great event and stay tuned for more details.

Click this link to purchase tickets!

The Case For A National System Protecting Research Subjects

By Jean Burns

Can you imagine facing experimental brain surgery knowing that if you had a stroke on the table, your family’s only recourse to get Long term care for you would be to sue the federal gov’t?  I know how it feels. I took that risk.

I hope you will read this article about my participation in a recent NIH Bioethics Grand Round:

Don’t humans who volunteer for risky clinical trials deserve a safety net? Isn’t it time for change? If the research community that experiments on human beings is unwilling to care for those whom they may damage during research, why should humans continue to volunteer? (and by the way, I DO believe in fairness & justice.) Can we start making noise about this problem? I need your help. ALL  human clinical trial participants need your help.