5 Ways to Improve Their Day

The daily process of coping with Parkinson’s Disease can be a challenge for patients, caregivers, and their families. Here are 5 ways to brighten the day of someone dealing with PD courtesy of the FoxFeed blog…

Dating and Parkinson’s Disease


New and Valen-timely entry on the FoxFeed from hilarious and authentic guest blogger and PD patient, Allison Smith.

A Single Lady’s Advice on Dating and Parkinson’s Disease

Fight Parkinson’s with Exercise

Medical professionals at UAB and around the world continue to promote exercise as a critical factor that can positively influence longterm health and quality of life for Parkinson patients. Here is another great piece on the benefits of exercise for Parkinson patients by NPR’s Morning Edition.

The Day After A Parkinson Diagnosis

The day after a Parkinson Disease diagnosis can be a dynamic and stressful time for patients, caregivers, and their families. This post from the FoxFeed Blog offers a “roadmap” to help navigate the days immediately after a diagnosis.